How To Spot Fake Jordan 4

If you're a fan of Air Jordan 4 sneakers, it's important to know how to spot fake Jordan 4s. Unfortunately, many counterfeit versions of these shoes exist in the market, and they can be difficult to distinguish from the real deal. However, with a little knowledge and attention to detail, you can learn how to identify authentic Jordan 4s and avoid being scammed by fake ones.

One of the most important things to look for when trying to spot fake Jordan 4s is the size tag. Authentic Jordan 4s have a size tag that is neatly and consistently stitched onto the inside of the tongue. The text on the tag should be clear and easy to read, with no smudging or fading. In contrast, fake Jordan 4s often have a size tag that is poorly stitched, with text that is too bold or thick. By carefully examining the size tag, you can quickly determine whether a pair of Jordan 4s is likely to be authentic or fake.

Another key feature to look for when trying to spot fake Jordan 4s is the overall quality of the shoe. Authentic Jordan 4s are made with high-quality materials and feature precise stitching and attention to detail. In contrast, fake Jordan 4s are often made with subpar materials and may have sloppy stitching or other imperfections. By taking the time to carefully examine the shoe and assess its overall quality, you can quickly determine whether a pair of Jordan 4s is likely to be authentic or fake.

Identifying Authenticity Through Packaging

When it comes to identifying the authenticity of Jordan 4s, one important aspect to consider is the packaging. In this section, we will discuss two important features of the packaging that can help you spot fake Jordan 4s.

Examine the Box

Real Jordan 4s come packaged in a sturdy box that should fit tightly with no gaps. The lid of the box should have an Air Jordan "Jumpman" logo and the side of the box should also have the logo. The printed colors on the packaging should appear even and uniform, with no areas of fading or extra colors.

Fake Jordan 4s may come in flimsy or poorly constructed boxes. The Jumpman logo may be missing or may not be placed in the correct position. The colors on the packaging may appear faded or uneven, and there may be extra colors that are not present on the authentic packaging.

Check the Box Label

Another feature of the packaging that can help you identify the authenticity of Jordan 4s is the box label. The label should have the correct information about the shoe, including the size, style code, and colorway. The font on the label should be consistent and clear.

On fake Jordan 4s, the label may have misspelled words or incorrect information about the shoe. The font may be inconsistent or blurry, and the label may be placed in the wrong position on the box.

By examining the box and label of Jordan 4s, you can identify whether they are real or fake. It is important to note that some counterfeiters may try to replicate the packaging of authentic Jordan 4s, so it is important to use other methods of authentication as well.

Physical Inspection of the Sneaker

When it comes to spotting fake Jordan 4s, a physical inspection of the sneaker is crucial. Here are some key aspects to consider during this process:

Assess the Overall Quality

The first thing you should do is assess the overall quality of the sneaker. An authentic pair of Jordan 4s should be made with high-quality materials, such as suede, leather, and mesh. The stitching should be neat and tidy, and there should be no signs of glue or excess material. If the sneaker looks poorly made or cheaply constructed, it may be a fake.

Inspect the Stitching and Materials

Next, inspect the stitching and materials in detail. The stitching on an authentic Jordan 4 should be tight and even, with no loose threads or frayed edges. The materials used should be of high quality, with no signs of wear or tear. Check the insole, midsole, and outsole for any signs of damage or inconsistencies.

Verify the Tongue and Labels

The tongue and labels on a Jordan 4 can also provide clues about its authenticity. The exterior tongue should have the Jumpman logo on it, while the interior tongue should have the Nike Air logo. Check the tongue label for any spelling errors or inconsistencies. The label should be well-centred and have a clear font. Any deviations from this could indicate a fake.

Analyse the Sole Design

Finally, take a close look at the sole design. The pattern on an authentic Jordan 4 sole should be clean and crisp, with no smudging or uneven lines. The Air logo on the sole should be clear and well-defined, and the heel tab should be sturdy and well-attached. If the sole design looks sloppy or poorly made, it may be a fake.

By following these guidelines, you can increase your chances of spotting a fake Jordan 4 and ensure that you end up with an authentic pair. Remember to always be thorough in your inspection and to trust your instincts if something seems off.

Understanding Jordan 4 Specifics

When it comes to spotting fake Jordan 4s, it's important to have a good understanding of the specifics of this iconic sneaker. Here are a few key things to keep in mind:

Recognise the Correct Colourway

Firstly, it's important to recognise the correct colourway of the Jordan 4s you're examining. The Jordan 4 has been released in a variety of colourways over the years, and each one has its own unique details and features. Make sure you're familiar with the specific colourway you're examining so you can spot any inconsistencies or inaccuracies.

Check the Air Jordan 4 Bred Details

One of the most popular and iconic Jordan 4 colourways is the "Bred" version, which features a black and red colour scheme. If you're examining a pair of Air Jordan 4 Bred sneakers, there are a few key details to look out for.

Firstly, make sure that the "Nike Air" text on the heel tab is present and correctly positioned. On fake versions of the Bred 4s, this text may be missing or poorly positioned.

Another important detail to check is the shape and size of the plastic wing eyelets on the sides of the shoe. On authentic Jordan 4s, these eyelets are smoothly curved and evenly spaced. On fakes, they may be misshapen or unevenly spaced.

Finally, check the quality of the materials and stitching on the shoe. Authentic Jordan 4s are made with high-quality materials and feature clean, precise stitching. On fake versions, the materials may be lower quality and the stitching may be sloppy or uneven.

By understanding these Jordan 4 specifics and paying close attention to the details of the sneakers you're examining, you'll be better equipped to spot any fakes and ensure that you're getting the real deal.

Final Steps in Legit Checking

Once you have gone through all the steps in legit checking your Air Jordan 4, there are a few final steps you can take to ensure the authenticity of your sneakers.

Price Comparison

One way to ensure the authenticity of your Air Jordan 4 is to compare the price of the sneakers with the price of similar sneakers sold by trusted sellers. If the price of the sneakers you are interested in is significantly lower than the price of similar sneakers sold by trusted sellers, it may be a sign that the sneakers are fake.

Consult Written Guides and Video Tutorials

Another way to ensure the authenticity of your Air Jordan 4 is to consult written guides and video tutorials. There are many written guides and video tutorials available online that can help you legit check your sneakers. These guides and tutorials can provide you with tips and tricks on how to spot fake Air Jordan 4s, as well as information on trusted sellers.

When consulting written guides and video tutorials, it is important to make sure that the sources you are using are trustworthy. Look for guides and tutorials that are written by experts in the field, such as sneakerheads and collectors who have a lot of experience with Air Jordan 4s.

By following these final steps, you can be confident that you have done everything possible to ensure the authenticity of your Air Jordan 4s. Remember, legit checking is an important process that can help you avoid buying fake sneakers and ensure that you are getting your money's worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key indicators of counterfeit Jordan 4 sneakers?

When identifying counterfeit Jordan 4 sneakers, pay close attention to the quality of the materials, stitching, and overall craftsmanship. Discrepancies in the logo, font size, and shape can also be key indicators of a fake.

Which details should be inspected to verify the authenticity of Jordan 4 Black Cats?

To verify the authenticity of Jordan 4 Black Cats, focus on the quality of the suede, the consistency of the colour, and the placement of the Jumpman logo. Additionally, examine the stitching and the overall build of the shoe.

What are the common discrepancies in fake Jordan 4 Lightning pairs?

When inspecting Jordan 4 Lightning pairs, look for inconsistencies in the colour, particularly on the midsole and outsole. Pay attention to the font and spacing of the "AIR JORDAN" text on the tongue, as well as the quality of the stitching.

How can one distinguish between genuine and fake Jordan 4 Fire Reds?

To distinguish between genuine and fake Jordan 4 Fire Reds, scrutinise the shade of red used on the sneakers, the quality of the materials, and the alignment and spacing of the details such as the "FLIGHT" logo on the tongue.

What price discrepancies suggest a Jordan 4 pair might be counterfeit?

Unusually low prices, especially when compared to the average market value, can be a red flag for counterfeit Jordan 4 sneakers. Be cautious if the price seems too good to be true, as it may indicate a fake product.

What are the tell-tale signs of a fake Jordan 4 tongue label?

When examining the tongue label of Jordan 4 sneakers, watch out for inconsistencies in the font, spacing, and alignment of the text. Additionally, inspect the overall quality of the label and its attachment to the shoe.